Case Studies

Case Study: Bob and Karen
How to retire smartly
Bob owns a property portfolio and is getting closer to retirement age. He is wondering how he should dispose of them to release equity and generate cash flow whilst keeping some for further capital gains.
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Case Study: Megan and Nate
How to build a portfolio to retire on
Read how an everyday Australian couple create more than enough income to afford a good quality lifestyle in retirement.
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Case Study: Simon
A Sticky Customer (and how he become unstuck)
This client had his loans cross-collateralised and here we discuss how he was able to improve his situation, save a substantial amount in interest and continue to build his portfolio.
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Case Study: Christina and Ricky
How to Retire at 40
Christina and Ricky have a property portfolio worth $1.7m and nearly $1m in equity. Where should they invest next?
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Case Study: Steve
How should Steve get started?
Steve has a salary of $130,000 and would like to start building a property portfolio.
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Case Study: Nicki
What can I do as a single parent?
Nicki, 49, is divorced with three children. "I’ve got three kids and I’m single, so if I don’t look after me then I can't look after them".
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Case Study: Robert
First investment
With a salary of $70,000 we investigate the property investment options.
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Case Study: John and Jan
Property as an alternative to shares or superannuation
We investigate the option of investing in property as an alternative to shares or superannuation.
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Case Study: Bob and Irene
How to pay off your home loan in 10 years
Bob and Irene are wondering if they can use the equity in their home to buy an investment property with a view to helping them pay off their mortgage in 10 years.
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Case Study: Philippe
Buyer’s Agent skills snag 50% plus rental increase
More often than not, gaining the upper hand in any property market comes down to due diligence - something that director and owner of Multifocus Properties & Finance, Philippe Brach, knows only too well.
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