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Capital Gains Tax: What every investor should know

There’s one aspect of property investing that you really need to get your head around and that's tax…
make sure you review your overall investment strategy and reconsider your goals. At Multifocus Pro…ve any questions related to your mortgage or investment strategy

Starting again

Tips for property investing after a divorce.

How to keep cool in a stressful property situation

When setting up your investment property, do you know how to structure things right from the start to ensure you remain cool, calm and in control if a problem should arise?

How to invest like an expert

It's important to match your property decisions to your life-stage to create a profitable portfolio.

3 factors that could impact your positively geared property

Sometimes as a real estate investor, things don’t go to plan – and what was once a promising and profitable investment can suddenly become challenging

Strata living - the ups and downs

What exactly is strata living and what can it offer you as an investor?

Risk management and investing in property

When investing in property ensure you have a well researched risk management plan.

Choosing a property

We source good quality, solid investment opportunities which suit YOUR circumstances.

Strategy Planning

Planning is the key to successful property portfolio growth. What does Philippe recommend?

Finance Broking

Mortgage brokers are not all the same. Our dedicated team offers a personal service tailored to YOUR needs.

Personal Journeys

Check out some of our clients property investing experiences, and how they are working towards building their portfolios.