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Attributes every investment property should have

Attributes every investment property should have
In his recent Your Investment Property Magazine article Philippe tackles the subjec…t of what attributes every investment property should have… to show you how to make money out of property.

How to keep cool in a stressful property situation

When setting up your investment property, do you know how to structure things right from the start to ensure you remain cool, calm and in control if a problem should arise?
Stress is no good for your health and as a property investor…steps to ensure they can afford investing in property for the long haul…uation when your tenant walks away from your property and stops paying rent

3 factors that could impact your positively geared property

Sometimes as a real estate investor, things don’t go to plan – and what was once a promising and profitable investment can suddenly become challenging
nalysed the figures and made a decision on a property that stands to deliver solid capital growth …n to your bank account each month. The property settles and for the first few months

Would your home be a good investment property?

One of the most frequent topics we are approached with is from owner-occupiers who are considering renting out the family home.
How old is the property Part of the benefit of owning an investment property is the financial gain related to the depreci…built property for any of the above reasons other than job

Property managers and the value they add

A good property manger is invaluable and they can really take the burden off the investor. The work performed by your property manager is well worth the management fees you are paying.
A good property manager can be invaluable… Here are just a few of the many ways a Property Manager adds value…agging behind competing properties then your property manager should let you know and give you the

Strata living - the ups and downs

What exactly is strata living and what can it offer you as an investor?
dwelling property. Legislation is different in each of Austral…titled property of property and shared ownership of the rest of the propertycommon property

When to increase the rent?

When is it time to increase the rent on your investment property and what affects this decision?
flow over the long term when they make their property investment decisions. It is usually the case…s vital that you check with your property manager…quence is that you lose your tenants and the property is vacant for two weeks

How do your kids impact your borrowing capacity?

When it comes to kids and your mortgage application, there is a range of influencing factors to consider.
rowing to buy your own home or an investment property. When it comes to kids and your mortgage ap

5 Key criteria of property price growth

As a property investor, selecting the right real estate is crucially important to your financial success.
term. So how do you find a property that has the fundamentals in place to be a p…roven property performer…There are many things you can change about a property

Flipping Property: Is this the goldmine it appears to be?

Is buying a property, renovating and reselling it as easy as it sounds?
relates to the action of buying a propertycited the case of a couple who purchased a propertyd you will need bank finance to purchase the property. Do you own your own home

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