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Depreciation: overrated or misunderstood?

The role of depreciation in a successful property portfolio is widely misunderstood. Some investors miss out on valuable financial benefits which, ultimately, affect the profitability of their investments.

Is it wise to buy a property with friends and family?

With high property prices, could buying in with friends and family be a viable option?

Does property investing actually work?

As a wealth creation tool, what can you expect from investing in property?
capital growth is a much better way to make property investment

Using equity to build your portfolio

Are you looking to expand your property portfolio? Using equity can give you a boost.

5 tips to minimise risk from your investment portfolio

Are you worried about some of the risks of property investing? Here's how to invest without stress.
you in difficult situations. In the case of property investment

When to buy and when to sell

Do you know how to read the 'Property Clock' and what value it has for investors?

How to protect yourself from bad advice

The most crucial part of investing is to ensure you get the best advice possible, but how?

Beware 'flipping' for profit

Nervous property renovation investors are rushing to sell amid fears of falling prices and rising costs, writes Duncan Hughes for the AFR

Who is renting your property?

As a landlord, how do you attract great tenants and minimise vacancies?

Choosing a property

We source good quality, solid investment opportunities which suit YOUR circumstances.

Strategy Planning

Planning is the key to successful property portfolio growth. What does Philippe recommend?

Finance Broking

Mortgage brokers are not all the same. Our dedicated team offers a personal service tailored to YOUR needs.

Personal Journeys

Check out some of our clients property investing experiences, and how they are working towards building their portfolios.