Creating Property Wealth

The inspiring book by Philippe Brach

Creating lasting wealth through investing in real estate is every investor’s dream... But if it’s such a proven pathway from rags to riches, why doesn’t every investor make money out of property? How can you tell the difference between a ‘good’ property and a ‘bad’ one – and how can you avoid making mistakes that can rob you of financial security in retirement?

"A fascinating book to pick up if you are serious about investing."
---- David Prior, host of Lifestyle Overnight ----

In Creating Property Wealth in Any Market, Philippe shares his proven strategies for success, including:

  • The four simple stages of property success – planning, accumulation, transition and drawdown
  • How to avoid the pitfalls you need to be aware of in order to move forward and maximise your wealth
  • How to define your investment strategy and build your ultimate property portfolio
  • Proven techniques to find property performers
  • How to master your budget and secure your finance
  • Where to find sound financial education

Get the book today at $19.95, including free postage throughout Australia.

Thank you to all who attended our book launch, it was great to chat with you all!