Once an investor has finalised a strategy (see Strategy Planning), then the plan can be executed.

Choosing the right properties is essential to deliver the outcomes detailed in the strategy. At Multifocus Properties & Finance we carry out our own research on promising locations throughout Australia, based on prominent sources of information and data, including Corelogic, APM, BIS Shrapnel and many more. We have dedicated site acquisition staff who identify and analyse opportunities in great detail, and we are discerning in our selection.

We source and supply properties that deliver strong capital growth, are diversified geographically and we also ensure they have a manageable cash flow. This is especially important when building a property portfolio. We stress-test interest rates to calculate cash flow in adverse situations so investors know what to expect in a worst case scenario.

Not every good property is suitable for every investor. The investor’s financial profile will dictate which properties make sense in their particular circumstances.

We are property investors, so we know first hand what it takes to become successful!

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