Strategy Planning

Before you start investing in property have a clear plan where you are heading - and we can help you put that together.

Defining a strategy is the most important step in any investment venture; be it in shares, properties or in business. Being successful does not just happen, it requires intelligent planning. If you don't plan to create wealth, then it won't happen.

Moreover, the plan needs to have a goal, be smart and comprehensive. To do this, we help you understand not only the limits of what you can do, but also all the intricacies of property investing. This includes how negative gearing works, what the first step is, how to get to the second step and what the end goal is, etc… We also cover cash flow considerations.

The property strategies we put together include focusing on risk management, eg, how to cope when interest rates rise, if you lose your job, etc… An understanding of risk & reward is paramount when starting any investment journey and it's also important to ensure that you are comfortable with the decisions you are making.

Once this is mapped out, the act of investing in property simply becomes the execution of the strategy.

Our main strength is the ability to give our clients purpose and clarity of thought. We provide ongoing support and review strategies as they develop, evolve and mature. The fact that most of our clients are now multiple property owners is a testament to the success of our approach.

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