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12 Wealth creation tips and quotes from those who know

Read what some of the most successful people on the planet have to say about wealth creation

Predictions for property and finance in 2016! 5 economists weigh in

Predictions, forecasts, expectations and projections: they’re all fancy ways of explaining the educated guesses that we make about the future of our property investments and wealth.

The stress of settlement

So what can go wrong and how can you recover from settlement setbacks?
auction purchases are generally unconditional from the moment the hammer f…Deposits are generally sufficient. A vendor will know that they h…000 would generally be sufficient

Stockland turns up heat on Sunshine Coast

Queensland's Sunshine Coast will enjoy $10 billion of new investment over the next 10 years....

"Australia's financial literacy crisis is in our DNA -

An overwhelming majority of investors are ordinary mums and dads attempting to fund their retirement according to this new article.

What's happening with the population in Australia?

Within the states and territories, population growth tended to be most prominent in outer suburbs, inner cities, urban infill areas and along the coast, with close to two-thirds of Australia's population residing in a Greater Capital City.

Did you know?

An interesting statistic regarding poker machines...

Investing in Property and Risk Management

One of the cardinal rules of investing, regardless of asset class, is to ensure that you have a researched risk management plan.
researched risk management plan. Property is generally considered low risk

Choosing a property

We source good quality, solid investment opportunities which suit YOUR circumstances.

Strategy Planning

Planning is the key to successful property portfolio growth. What does Philippe recommend?

Finance Broking

Mortgage brokers are not all the same. Our dedicated team offers a personal service tailored to YOUR needs.

Personal Journeys

Check out some of our clients property investing experiences, and how they are working towards building their portfolios.