Seminar 15th March 2016: “Where are we at, where are we going and what are the influences?”

What a great evening.  We had a huge turnout of delegates, all of whom were eager to hear our speakers and put their own property related questions forward.  

Our keynote speakers were: 

Tim Lawless, Head of Research, CoreLogic RP Data
Philippe Brach, CEO, Multifocus Properties and Finance

On arrival delegates were welcomed with refreshments and had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with both Philippe and Tim.

The presentations started with Philippe covering in detail the mechanics of investing: what to look for, what to avoid, how to put together a successful strategy and what points are most important for your own personal circumstances. He also discussed the reasons why people buy and sell property, what the long-term benefits are and how property can become an integral part of your financial future.

He also discussed many of the hot topics that are currently making headlines in the media including negative gearing and changes to lending criteria.

Tim's presentation was extremely informative (as always!) and looked at residential property trends over time. He provided insight into the market and - what everyone was hoping to hear - his predictions on the future direction of the property market!

Question time raised some very good points, with Tim and Philippe both answering and discussing some areas in further detail. This part of our seminar is always valuable and it becomes quite interactive as the delegates steer the conversation towards what is important for them.

With the official part of the evening complete many people spoke further with Philippe, Tim or other members of the Multifocus Properties & Finance team.

Feedback from the event has been extremely positive, with people actively wanting to discuss their future goals: how to start investing, how to grow their existing portfolio, what strategy to adopt to work towards securing their financial future and, of course, what their next step whould be.

We look forward to working with many of them over the coming months.

Here's just one of the pieces of feedback we've received:

"Thank you Philippe and Tim, both presentations were very informative and a great use of my time." Liz