Seminar 5th May 2015: Keynote speakers: Craig James, Chief Economist, COMMSEC (CBA) and Philippe Brach - CEO, Multifocus Properties & Finance “How does the current economic outlook affect the property market?”

Presented by: Craig James, Chief Economist, COMMSEC (CBA) and

Philippe Brach - CEO, Multifocus Properties & Finance

Our property evening earlier this month was a great success! With 200 people attending the event the room was humming! Whilst refreshments were served the conversation was lively with everyone enjoying the opportunity to network.

Philippe started the evening by detailing some key principles and numbers relating to the property market in Australia asking: “Did you know that, according to the 2011 Census, 90% of property investors own 1 or 2 investment properties, and only just over 15,000 people own more than 6 properties?” He also explored how much was needed to ensure a comfortable retirement and gave a good summary of how investing in property works.

Craig James made a warm presentation of the Australian economy, seeing it in a much more positive way than what can be usually read in the media. “Why don’t we say that we have a 94% employment rate rather than a 6% unemployment rate? Sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?” His optimism and great speaker skills certainly contributed to the positive mood of the audience.

Craig James - Chief Economist COMMSEC (CBA)

Craig needs no introduction as he appears daily on TV, in newspapers and magazines for his expert commentary on economic subjects as diverse as the state of the economy to the health of the property market. As Chief Economist at Commsec, Craig endeavoured to style their research in a “user-friendly” way – something that set their research apart and still does today. Today CommSec is the most quoted economic group in the mainstream media. He has worked in banking, finance and journalism for over 34 years and holds both Bachelor and Master degrees in Commerce (Economics).

Philippe Brach - CEO of Multifocus Properties and Finance

Philippe is a successful property investor who turned his passion for property into a uniquely investor focused business. His 25 years background in corporate finance and accounting as well as his experience as a property investor, a real estate agent and a finance broker gives him the perfect profile to help investors with all aspects of property investing. In particular he can ensure that financial set up, ownership structure and investment strategy form a seamless plan that optimises potential for growth and preserves tax benefits associated with property investing.